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My name is Robert Eriksen. I specialize in helping Chicago individuals understand Medicare, Medicare supplements, Prescription Drug Plans (Part D), and Medicare Advantage programs.

I have over 40 years experience in Medicare and health insurance through out Chicagoland. My 4.9 Star Google Review rating is a great indication of my commitment to my clients. Should you decide to add supplemental Medicare coverage through me, I will be there for you to answer your questions and get things set up. We can even work the enrollment process right over the phone.

What matters: My carrier of choice is Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL). In my 40 years of experience, I have never had an issue with Blue Cross paying any Medicare supplement claims. There is a value to having Blue Cross.

What is Medicare? Medicare is a Federal program to help older Americans, and some disabled Americans, pay for the high cost of healthcare.

Generally, the Government’s Medicare Program consists of 4 parts:

  • Part A is for hospital services, no premium
  • Part B is for medical services, premium based on income
  • Part C are Medicare Advantage Plans. It’s a Government Program. Sold through Insurance Companies, plans and pricing vary.
  • Part D is the prescription drug plan. It is also sold through insurance companies, plan and pricing vary.

Medicare does not cover all the costs.

To help cover the costs that Medicare doesn’t cover, you have a few choices.

  • Medicare supplement plans (AKA – Medigap)
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Prescription Drug Plans (AKA – Part D, PDP, and Medicare Rx)

In order to purchase one of these supplements, you will need to sign up for both Medicare Part A and Part B. Once that is completed, we can work towards getting you appropriate and affordable Medicare supplemental coverage.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope this information helped.

If you want to discuss your specific situation, you can send me an email by clicking on the “contact us” icon on this page.

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Robert G. Eriksen, President
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