Young Adults

There are a number of options for young adults – learn more here.

Temporary Plans


If you are a young adult, you have quite a few options for coverage.  You can get coverage through an employer. You can stay on your parents plan until age 26, and after that you can continue coverage under COBRA, or the State of Illinois Continuation law for a period of time.  You can get coverage through a college or university.  Or, you can get your own personal policy.  Many employers have been paying less and less for the employees coverage on a group plan.  If an employer pays less than 50%, young adults can get better pricing with their own policy.  Having your own policy also allows you to choose your deductible levels and lower the cost even more. Many group plans are composite rated, meaning that the demographics, including ages, are blended to an average of the groups demographics or age and pricing is a reflection of the make up of the group.  If your personal situation is under the average of your group, you might find better rates or coverage on your own.  You should also consider buying your own personal policy if you are self-employed, unemployed, a student, or if you are a non-smoker.

Illinois health insurance companies offer a unique range of health insurance plans that are now available to individuals and families.  Please give us a call at (847) 426-2788, to discuss your options.