Group Insurance

We help companies big and small to set up and manage their employer health insurance and benefits programs. We meet and review all plan options to help decision makers choose the best options for their situation.

As a note: We can easily replace your current broker or work with you on a consulting basis.

Small Employers

In Illinois, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) what defines a small group. Currently, a company is considered a small group if they have 2-49 employees. Pricing is set annually and all premiums are community rated. There are no medical questions or pre-existing conditions clauses. We can quote a group plan at anytime – Call us to discuss.

Note: The ACA and the laws surrounding small groups are currently being debated in Washington. Should Congress and the President reach a consensus on what should be changed, we will keep our clients up to date through our Newsletters.

Large Employers

In Illinois, you are generally considered a large employer if you have more than 50 eligible employees, even if less than 50 employees enroll in your group health plan.  Insurance companies can and will decline coverage for numerous reasons, including participation and medical history.  Fifty employee to 100 employee group health plans are written through a pooled products with standardized benefits.  Over 100 employees, benefits and funding options become more numerous and can be tailored to your specific group.  Contact our office for more details.

We Are Here To Help.

A consultation costs nothing. Contact us today to see how we can help provide coverage for your employees and reduce expenses for your business.

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