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Health insurance for families has changed a lot since Obamacare started. Family plans will always be a plan in which all family members are on the same policy, but now there are advantages to breaking up a family and putting different people on different policies depending on their needs. The price is the same whether together or split up.

An example of this is when one family member will utilize the plan a lot more then the others. This may be a planned surgery or a pregnancy. These sorts of events can be planned for and thus we can put that person on a better plan with lower deductibles. The rest of the family my not need that level of coverage, so we can put them on a lower cost plan with a higher deductible and save money overall.

Now having everyone together has the advantage of a family deductible. First of all, family deductible should only be considered if the family size is 4 or more, because generally the family deductible is three times the individual deductible up to a maximum set by the government. In a case where there are multiple people who will be maxing out their insurance, your family may hit the family deductible.

The last advantage to having the whole family together on one policy is simply ease of billing, payments and cards. When every family member has a different policy, they each need their own cards and will be billed separately, but when put together its all on one card and one bill.

There are many options when it comes to family plans so please contact us at (847) 426-2788.



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