Great News for Illinoisans Looking for Health Coverage

AARP Blog reports:

“For too long, thousands of Illinoisans have not had access to basic health and dental care even when employed. But on May 23rd, the State Senate passed a key legislative measure that will establish the state’s first Health Insurance Marketplace. House Bill 3227  passed the Senate by a vote of 39-19 and is on its way to the State House. We are now urging State Representatives to vote YES on this legislation.

Why is this important? The state estimates that over 1 million Illinoisans simply do not have access to the health insurance they need for themselves and their families, even though they are working. HB3227 will help all of them  become eligible to purchase health and dental plans in the individual market. This bill will also help create plans for small business owners, so they can enroll their employees.

There’s more — the legislation will ensure that the voices of Illinois consumers are represented on a Governing Board that will be created to review and approve the plans recommended for the marketplace by the State’s Department of Insurance. The Board will reflect the geographic, gender, cultural, racial and ethnic diversity of the state.

AARP, along with over 100 nonprofit and health advocacy organizations, supports HB3227 because we strongly believe that a Health Insurance Marketplace will address the needs of the consumer as well as the rights of all Illinoisans to access comprehensive health care coverage.”