New Rates and Extended Policy Benefit Periods for Temporary Policies Are Available Now

The Aug. 1, 2012, rates for new and renewing SelecTEMP® PPO policies for one-to-six month benefit period options are continued for effective dates Feb 1, 2013, and later. Now, for effective dates Feb. 1, 2013, or later, a new benefit period option of up to 11 months is available.

Important information you should know:

  • Members no longer have to satisfy a 60-day waiting period between the second and third benefit periods before applying for additional coverage. Plus, there is no limit in the number of benefit period options a member can have, as long as they are approved through underwriting.
  • Rates for the one-to-six month benefit periods are not changing.

If you are not familiar with temporary policies from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, consider the advantages of offering SelecTEMP PPO to clients who are between jobs or find COBRA to be too expensive:

  • Office visits, lab and X-ray services
  • Emergency care, hospital stays, surgery
  • Outpatient mail order prescription drugs
  • Six deductibles levels, from $500 to $2,500
  • BlueChoice┬« provider network
  • No provider claims to file in most cases
  • Pay with a credit card, and be covered as early as the next day!