More Health Insurance Complexity – More Confusion

Forbes reports:

“One agreement we have to come to in this country is “what is essential healthcare?”  In the Affordable Care Act, essential benefits were to be determined by the Department of HHS.  We would have uniform policies throughout the country which may have cut down on administration and confusion.

Now this determination will be made on a state by state basis.  What happens on a practical standpoint?  Each state has to use panels and resources to determine essential benefits, instead of one group taking on this task.  Historically, states act differently in how well they protect their constituents, so we will still see disparities in care.  As you move state to state, policies will differ and you will have to make certain the benefits you need are still included.  Also, you’ll have to take more time to understand your new policy.

What a shame.  This is yet another example of why we need to revisit the entire way insurance was handled in the law.  We need clarity, simplicity, and come to a consensus as a country on how to solve our health care problem.  I am grateful that change is a constant and if enough of us continue to raise our voice with workable solutions, we can make great change happen.”