Conservatives Plan New Parliamentary Tactic to Achieve Full Repeal of Health Reform

Becker’s Hospital Review reports:

“Conservative activists and healthcare experts, who anticipate a GOP takeover of the White House and Senate, are forming an alternative plan to President Obama’s healthcare reform law in preparation for a full repeal, according to an LA Times report.

Conservatives are relying on a “parliamentary tactic” called budget reconciliation to prepare for a swift repeal and replacement of the healthcare reform law before the law goes into full effect in 2014. Budget reconciliation only calls for a simply majority, which (with a potential GOP majority) can prevent a Democrat filibuster.

GOP lawmakers could use a 2009 House GOP plan as a blueprint for their budget reconciliation. That 2009 plan included provisions that would have freed payors from government regulation and other stipulations. However, it ultimately failed due to several shortfalls, notably because it failed to provide assistance to Americans who could not afford health coverage.

This time, conservatives may specifically target new regulations around employer-sponsored plans created by the healthcare reform law  which require employers to provide health coverage for employees.

Republicans may propose a provision that includes tax credits for consumers to shop for health insurance. The GOP has fought against employer-sponsored health plans ever since Democrats introduced the idea during initials plans for healthcare reform in 2009, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Conservatives argue the Democrats “bureaucratize” healthcare and impedes job creation under the new system and have pushed for tax credits as an alternative ever since.

Meanwhile, some Republicans believe eliminating employer-sponsored health plans and even a full repeal of the healthcare reform law may do more damage leading up to the next presidential election. Conservative proposals to eliminate employer-sponsored health plans have never gained public support, and a majority of Americans support key measures under the current healthcare reform law.”