Offering Costa Rican Dental Care as a No-Cost Employee Benefit

During “Open Enrollment”, many companies are offering fewer employee benefits to cut costs. But employers or employee benefit advisors can offer a no-cost dental plan option through Costa Rican Dental Care to help their employees save thousands of dollars on major dental work costs. “Costa Rican Dental Care offers internationally accredited dental providers in Costa Rica for people who want to save money on dental care without sacrificing high quality”, said Tim Morales President of Costa Rican Medical Care. “The cost savings in Costa Rica can be as much as 70% over US prices and our providers have the latest dental technology money can buy. We have seen full mouth restoration quoted as high as $60,000 in the states and we have helped people get it done in Costa Rica for under $18,000 The clinics we use are internationally accredited and use FDA approved materials, and the dentists are specialists in their respective practices.” Patients working through Costa Rican Dental Care pay the same price as they would contacting the dentist directly, but with the added benefit of the company’s “concierge” service to help with hotels, tours and transportation. Unlike some of their competitors, Costa Rican Dental Care does not mark up its prices. Costa Rican Dental Care works with dentists in all specialties. Costa Rican Medical Care offers a complete turnkey package for employers, employee benefit advisors and health agents who want to offer a “Medical Tourism Plan”. The company has agents across the country recommending the quality health and dental care services they offer.