New Illinois Health Laws

Recently, Illinois has had a Legislate Session. The resulting laws that have been signed are outlined here. These laws are particularly important if you are:

  • In or starting Clinical Cancer Trials or using an Oral Cancer Drugs
  • Recently diagnosed with Diabetes
  • At a high risk for Heart Disease

News from the Blues: Legislative Update reports:

Illinois State Legislation Update – Recently Enacted Laws
During its recently concluded legislative session, the Illinois General Assembly passed a variety of Senate and House bills concerning health benefits. A number of these bills have been signed by Governor Pat Quinn and are now law. Brief overviews of these new laws are below.

Public Act 97-0091 (House Bill 1191) – Routine Care in Clinical Cancer Trials
Signed into law on July 11, this new law prevents a group accident and health insurance policy from excluding routine patient care administered to an insured participating in a qualified cancer trial if the policy covers that same routine patient care for an insured not participating in a qualified cancer trial. It further requires no difference in out-of-pocket liability between an insured in a trial versus one not in a trial. This law is effective Jan. 1, 2012. ”

Public Act 97-0198 (House Bill 1825) – Oral Cancer Drug Parity
Signed by Governor Quinn on July 27, this law requires that health insurance plans that provide coverage for cancer medications cannot have more restrictive treatment limitations or more restrictive financial requirements for oral cancer medications than intravenous and injected cancer medications. However, the law does not mandate coverage for cancer medications.”

Public Act 97-0281 (House Bill 2249) – A1C Diabetes Self-Management Training and Education
Signed on Aug. 9, this law requires a group policy of accident and health insurance that is amended, delivered, issued or renewed after the law’s Jan. 1, 2012, effective date to provide coverage for outpatient self-management training and education, equipment and supplies. Further, the law defines “diabetes self-management training” as instruction in an outpatient setting which enables a diabetic patient to understand the diabetic management process and daily management of diabetic therapy as a means of avoiding frequent hospitalization and complications. This is specifically designed to help diabetics maintain their A1C levels within the normal range.

Public Act 97-0282 (House Bill 3039) – Heart Disease Prevention Notification
This law requires insurers to provide annual information regarding the importance and value of early detection and proactive management for cardiovascular disease. It was effective immediately upon the governor’s signature on Aug. 9. However, doctors have up to 60 days to update their information.”