Republican Sights Set on PPACA

Aetna Reports:

No sooner had the Republicans gained control of the House in Washington, D.C., by an impressive margin, than they declared their sights were set on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. A day after the elections Republican leaders vowed to seek repeal of the nation’s health care reform law. With the Senate still under Democrats‘ control and a Presidential veto waiting in the wings if needed, outright repeal is virtually impossible. But the rhetoric signals that a new round of partisan debate over health care reform is about to get underway. And, Republicans could successfully chip away at some of the law’s provisions. Just as importantly, Republican gains in numerous governorships and state offices are expected to bolster efforts in many states to weaken the federal law via enforcement and implementation at the state level.

This won’t be the case in Illinois with a Democratic Governor. Implementation is set to go forward on schedule.