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Group Insurance

This information is in regards to a pre-Affordable Care Act insurance industry, and will only be current until the end of 2013. For the most up-to-date information please visit Navigator Profile.

Small Employers

In Illinois, you are considered a small employer if you have 2-50 employees.  Health insurance companies cannot turn your business down based on the health status of your employees or their family members. They can and will load your initial new business premiums based on the medical history of your employees.  They can load up to an additional +67% over their base rates for your specific group.   An insurer must also accept everyone in your group.  Employees or family members (if you offer dependent coverage) with health conditions cannot be excluded from coverage.

Large Employers

In Illinois, you are generally considered a large employer if you have more than 50 eligible employees, even if less than 50 employees enroll in your group health plan.  Insurance companies can and will decline coverage for numerous reasons, including participation and medical history.  With Blue Cross, 50 employee to 150 employee group health plans are written through a pooled product with standardized benefits.  Over 150 employees, benefits and funding options become more numerous and can be tailored to your specific group.  Contact our office for more details.

Here is a list of insurance companies that do business here in Illinois from Crain’s Chicago.

Eriksen Insurance Google Reviews


United Health Care

United Health Care

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