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Fraud timed to reform

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Chicago Tribune reports:

“Experts who study scams and frauds know these illicit schemes are often built around big news stories, such as health care reform’s passage. That’s why it shouldn’t be a shock that law enforcement agencies and senior advocates are bracing for a wave of frauds leveraging confusion about the Affordable Care Act.

“We saw a reported spike immediately after the passage of the law, because it was in the news,” says Sally Hurme, senior project manager, health education and outreach, for Washington, D.C.-based AARP. “And we know the scamsters read the papers, and follow the headlines, to determine what sounds like news and is top of mind on the part of people they’re planning to go after.

“Right now, we’re in the trough of the wave, and getting ready for scams to surge again as we get into 2013, and the formation of the (state medical insurance) exchanges that will become available in 2014.”

In many of its manifestations, fraud based on health care reform is a kind of medical identity theft. Like regular identity theft, medical identity theft occurs when perpetrators use someone’s identity to commit fraud. Instead of a Social Security number, it is often a Medicare or Medicaid number that is stolen.


Huge drop in uninsured young adults

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Benifitpro reports:

“The number of young adults without health insurance has dropped significantly, a new survey finds, thanks to a provision of President Barack Obama’s health care law allowing them to stay on their parents’ plans.
The new Gallup poll findings translate to about 1 million more young adults with health insurance. While the bleak economy has made it hard for young people trying to enter the workforce, fewer are being forced to also go without medical care.


Gov’t: Health tab to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020

Sunday, July 31st, 2011 reports:

“The nation’s health care tab is on track to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020, accounting for about $1 of every $5 in the economy, government number crunchers estimate in a report released Thursday.

How much is that? Including government and private money, health care spending in 2020 will average $13,710 for every man, woman and child, says Medicare’s Office of the Actuary.


How the Affordable Care Act Helps Young Adults

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

In 2014, when all of the Affordable Care Act provisions are fully implemented, an estimated 13 million young adults could gain health insurance coverage, most of it subsidized Some of the provisions in the Affordable Care Act that will help young adults include:



Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Health insurance for families has changed a lot since Obamacare started. Family plans will always be a plan in which all family members are on the same policy, but now there are advantages to breaking up a family and putting different people on different policies depending on their needs. The price is the same whether together or split up.

An example of this is when one family member will utilize the plan a lot more then the others. This may be a planned surgery or a pregnancy. These sorts of events can be planned for and thus we can put that person on a better plan with lower deductibles. The rest of the family my not need that level of coverage, so we can put them on a lower cost plan with a higher deductible and save money overall.

Now having everyone together has the advantage of a family deductible. First of all, family deductible should only be considered if the family size is 4 or more, because generally the family deductible is three times the individual deductible up to a maximum set by the government. In a case where there are multiple people who will be maxing out their insurance, your family may hit the family deductible.

The last advantage to having the whole family together on one policy is simply ease of billing, payments and cards. When every family member has a different policy, they each need their own cards and will be billed separately, but when put together its all on one card and one bill.

There are many options when it comes to family plans so please contact us at (847) 426-2788.



Young Adults

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

If you are a young adult, you have quite a few options for coverage.  You can get coverage through an employer. You can stay on your parents plan until age 26, and after that you can continue coverage under COBRA, or the State of Illinois Continuation law for a period of time.  You can get coverage through a college or university.  Or, you can get your own personal policy.  Many employers have been paying less and less for the employees coverage on a group plan.  If an employer pays less than 50%, young adults can get better pricing with their own policy.  Having your own policy also allows you to choose your deductible levels and lower the cost even more. Many group plans are composite rated, meaning that the demographics, including ages, are blended to an average of the groups demographics or age and pricing is a reflection of the make up of the group.  If your personal situation is under the average of your group, you might find better rates or coverage on your own.  You should also consider buying your own personal policy if you are self-employed, unemployed, a student, or if you are a non-smoker.

Illinois health insurance companies offer a unique range of health insurance plans that are now available to individuals and families.  Please give us a call at (847) 426-2788, to discuss your options.

Personal Insurance

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Interested in personal insurance for just yourself or your family?  Select your category for more information.

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